You can register now by ( name, phone number, e-mail address and password) After confirming the e-mail ,you can go to the control panel and add all your personal and professional data that contains (general information - experiences - skills - and the most important Property of the site is the CV video that will serve as a window to the world that all human resources managers or business owners see you in the video Which does not exceed the minute and after you can write your information you can click the script button that was created specifically for you by the data you entered


Welcome to CV Shoots, you can now search about employees by CV video.

  • The search method is different from reading the CV and trying to see the attached image with the current method the search is done by a one-minute video through which you can evaluate the person by 60% if it fits the job requirements or not.
  • If you accept the person you can go to his account and see all the data of skills, experiences, achievements and more details


Companies Services

  • It is the section for individuals - not companies - seeking self-employment or providing freelance work (ie, the transaction will be according to the piece or agreement between them) ...
  • You can specify the type of work as a freelance while registration in the site, knowing that if you do this, your account will appear in the external filter of the site.
  • This offers the opportunity to deal with all of the people on-site outside or within your country


  • The services department is a special section for companies that have the desire to offer their services with the self-employed individuals which provide the services they offer to deal freelanc.
  • Providing more choices for the applicant (individuals or companies can be selected).
  • To add a service, the person responsible for the company account must click on the icon of add a service

We develop your CV like a story, with a structured beginning, middle and end with just one click.
You can share your public profile which has your information such as (cv video, education, skills, experiences and all details) on all social media.
As an employer from now on you will see the job seeker and make a decision if he is the required or not in one minute.
To facilitate the process of communication between the employer and the applicant, the interview is conducted online

Stop hiding behind your papers!

You deserve to be seen.

This is a test video
Find your script easily.
Record your resume video One-click is easy.
Find the right jobs for you.
Make yourself visible to business owners for your choice.
Send and receive Images and documents related to jobs.
Be available to the world do not block yourself in your country

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